Minutes of the Board of Directors

February 15, 2011


The Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lake Travis Republican Club was called to order by President Doug Lindgren at 1:17 PM on Tuesday February 15th, 2011 at the Hills Country Club.


Other members present were Bill Warmuth, Secretary Maria Burbridge, Treasurer Perry Pehrson, Sergeant-at-Arms John Kistner, Frank Black, Bill Thomas,  Jason Buddin, Sharon January, and

Dom Brunone.


Approval of minutes:  Bill Warmuth moved to approve the October minutes as amended and published in the website, the November minutes and the January minutes.  Perry Pehrson seconded. All in favor.

Bill asked Maria to send the minutes to all board members by e-mail within 2 weeks of the meeting.


Treasurer’s report:  Perry Pehrson passed copies of the treasurer’s report.

Beginning balance: $ 5,369.06

Ending balance: $ 5,987.52 as of January 31st, 2011.

Total revenue: $8,089.06

Total expenses: $2,101.54

115 people had signed for today’s meeting.

14 no-shows.

14 walk-ins

Billed for 116.

Frank Black made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  John Kistner seconded.  All in favor.


Rosemary Edwards was invited to give a report on Dan Neil’s vote count results.  She said that they had 10 days of hearings.  Bottom line: Donna Howard won by 4 votes.  However, Dan Neil’s legal team found that there were 5 very solid invalid votes and they believe Dan Neil will be the winner by 1 vote.  The committee will meet in about a week at the Capitol.  Rosemary will keep us informed through e-mail.


Membership:  Bill Warmuth announced that we have 249 paid members.  Today 8 people paid for their membership.  President Lindgren asked Sharon January about the ladies from the Lake Travis RW club.  Sharon still has a list of members at home.  Bill asked Sharon to write a note and he will send the letters asking these ladies to join.


Facilities:  Bill Warmuth informed that everything was perfect.  By noon last Thursday he had 80 RSVP’s.  By yesterday he had 115 and he guaranteed 105.  The club set up for 116 and that is the quantity they billed for.  President Lindgren asked if there is a way to get an extra microphone for the audience to ask questions to the speakers.  He will follow up with the Hills CC to see if an extra microphone can be obtained.  John Kistner suggested that we ask the speaker to repeat the question for everybody before answering it.


Programs:  Sharon January informed us that the March speaker will be Tom Pauken, who is running for Senator.  She still has not received a firm confirmation from Michael Williams’ schedule for April.


Legislative and Political Affairs:  Grant Goodwin was absent.  President Lindgren said he has a copy of the State Budget and he will be happy to send it to whomever may be interested.


Publicity:  Jason Buddin said he had published the meeting in the “Greater Lakeway Homeowners” paper, the “Bee Cave Bee” and the “Lake Travis View”.  He needs the information by the 9th.


Newsletter:  Frank said he had enlarged the font on the speaker info to be more readable.  He announced that it costs 20 extra cents per copy to print it in color.  For March he will produce the newsletter in this same format and will mail in envelopes. 

The newsletter is mailed to about 40 people who are not members, to 25 business sponsors and to members who said no to e-mail remittance.

Sharon January made the motion to continue sending the color newsletter.  Dom Brunone seconded.  All voted in favor.

Frank asked the members of the board to send him articles.  President Lindgren asked to include a note of monetary support for TCRP.


Sergeant-at-arms:  John Kistner suggested asking people to hold their applause when introducing guests until the end.  President Lindgren will think about it.  He does not want to have people applauding for one person and not for the next one. 


Golf scramble:  Bill Thomas reported that the 2011 Golf Scramble will be Monday October 10th.  He suggested that the committee could start meeting in April or May to share ideas on how to get more golfers.


Old Business: Bill did not have anything to report on the website since he has been sick.

Dom Brunone said that he is willing to fill any position to help.  President Lindgren asked Bill if the website is so integrated with everything else that it could not be taken by somebody else.  Bill said there is no new content and Dom is welcome to be webmaster.  Dom said he will identify the need and will offer his help.


New Business:  Bill reminded us of the TCRP Reagan Day Luncheon, Saturday February 16th at the Exotic Wild Life Ranch.  He said Jerry Mikus had contacted him asking for items for the silent auction.

He would like at least 3 items with a minimum value of $15 each.  If anybody is willing to donate, contact Bill Warmuth and he will let Jerry know.  Rosemary Edwards also suggested getting a table for the club.  If anybody wants to attend, please contact Bill.


President Lindgren adjourned the meeting at 1:58 pm.